Bring a yoga ball to work.

Make it a fun core engaging work environment. Find half an hour in the first and second half of your day and use the ball as your chair. At the end of your workday, you would have gotten an hour core work out without even thinking about it!

Take a break to stretch.

Set up a timer on your phone. And do these stretches every 1 to 2 hours:

  1. Side bend the head trying to get your right ear to your right shoulder
  2. Then do the same on the left side
  3. Roll the shoulders back 20 times
  4. Sit on the edge of your seat grab the sides of the seat with both hands and start to stick out the chest and pinch the shoulder blades in the back. This will be a great pec stretch!

Great way to loosen up the upper body!

Walk over instead of calling or emailing your coworker.

If you need to discuss anything with a co-worker, walk over to them and talk it out. Not only are you working and building camaraderie with the face-to-face interaction, it?ll break up a long sitting regime by getting you out of your seat.

On breaks, challenge yourself to take a walk outside.

When break time hits, aim to head down the stairs for a walk outside. Grab your iPod or smartphone and listen to music, an interesting podcast or even make a phone call.

Take the stairs

If you live in an apartment take the stairs up to your floor. If you live in a house go up and down the stairs for 5 minutes listening to your favourite songs. Before you know it, you?ll have snuck in some moderate activity (cardio and legs) after your busy work day!