About Us

This is The Man Sphere: an online magazine devoted to things manly.

Our mission is simple: get the info real guys want. Who reads buyers’ guides featuring $2,000 blankets and $30,000 watches?

Our features include health, fitness, and general well being; tips for the home and the backyard; relationship, dating, and parenting advice; cool gadgets, great ways to spruce up the wardrobe, and how to cook great bass. In short, if guys are interested, we want to bring it to them.

And of course, fantastic and inspirational interviews.

Our readers are men from all walks of life looking for a little entertainment, looking to improve, or looking to just pop the hood and clean the spark plugs.

We cook with fire. We cut wood with steel.
We date. We play.
We’re real, and this is how we live.

Home, Health, Sports, Women, Cars…
…this is our sphere.