Exotic Car Logos You Should Know

In the spirit of the Canadian International Auto Show, we thought we’d throw together a very brief list of a few exotic car logos you should know on sight. Now when you’re walking down the street (after parking your minivan), you can impress your friends with lines like, “Dude! Check out the Peugeot!” And while they’re looking around frantically trying not to look stupid, you can smugly point out, “over there.”

It’s great knowing one thing nobody else knows. And now, you have that mystical power.



Wings and a “B.” Not hard to figure out. But in North America, Bentley isn’t a standard consumer brand car, and as a result you’re not likely to see a bunch of these driving around. Rare but beautiful (and stunningly comfortable to ride in), spotting a Bentley is like spotting a rare parrot on a birdwatching expedition.



Every guy we’ve ever known can spot a Lamborghini at a thousand yards (and hear one at a mile and a half). If you’re not on top of your game though, it’s hard to tell some models from other high end luxury sports cars. The ubiquitous bull on a shield is your clue. If it’s this, it’s Lamborghini. If not, look for…



…the telltale trident of the Maserati. Do yourself a favour: next time there’s an auto show, try and get a seat in one of these. Seriously. It’s a mind-blowing experience. We’ve actually had to explain to someone what the trident represents. All you need to know is, it’s a letter “M” upside down.



There aren’t a lot of brands with a letter “L” for a logo, but of all the brands that do, Lexus is one of them.

OK, in all seriousness, the distinctive curve of the Lexus “L” is a trademark that exemplifies the smooth lines and elegant styling that make the Lexus such a desirable automobile.



It’s truly phenomenal how many people confuse the Mercedes Benz logo with a peace sign. At least as many mistake it for another brand (usually BMW, in our experience). But now you know. It’s Mercedes. Get it right!



Peugeot makes fast cars. Racing cars, really. But their consumer models are fantastic high-performers, and as such they’re worth noting at sight. The “lion rampant” (the term for the lion in the standing position on coats of arms) is well-known in European racing circles. Like Bentley, it’s less well-known in North America. And, like the others on the list, now you know it, so you can spot it and make your friends feel inadequate for not knowing.