Girls of Glam Dish on Dating

There is nothing like sitting down in a room with the most desirable women in the country and getting to ask them a series of questions you know; you KNOW; every guy wants to ask…

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Of course, the Women We Love feature interviews do this all the time, especially with regard to questions on motivation, success, and naturally dating and attraction (hell, we released a whole ezine on it just two weeks ago…check it out here). But we decided to take it one step further with our New You Issue, and bring you some real meat on the subject.

To this end, we talked with four models from one of North America’s most successful–and largest–event staffing and modelling agencies, Girls of Glam: Clara-Ann Ruiz,?Tamara Jemuovic,?Hayley Marie, and Girls of Glam CEO Jennifer. In reality, we could turn this into an insanely good series (we may yet, as the interviews keep coming in!). But for now, you’ll have to make do with the gold these four stunning ladies shared with us.

Actually, Aaron Marino; our style god and head honcho at; plugged our ezine in the members-only section of his community website. And what he had to say rings very true with what we have revealed here:

“Have you ever wanted to have a super foxy wing woman? …Do you wish that you could pick her brain, and say, you know, ‘What do you really look for in a guy, and what is a turn on? What is a turn off? What is the deal with dating and dudes? You wish you had that?…”

That’s exactly what we have here. Event and promotional models whose stock in trade is looking awesome and being friendly, but who have to suffer all the slings and arrows of rooms full of corporate dudes in suits and car show guys in dirty jeans; mashers with cheesy pickup lines; lazy guys who don’t know how to keep a relationship interesting. Some of it we’ve covered before, but a lot of what these ladies had to say was pretty insightful.

You know, if you want to know how a helicopter works, you talk to a helicopter technician (whatever they’re called…we’d like to meet one though; that’d be cool!). So logically, if you want to know what beautiful women are interested in, you talk to beautiful women.

So, in support of our own free download project, and in order to really kick-start your understanding of the female species as you prepare for your new you in 2013, we’ve got one of the coolest features yet, just in time for the New You Issue. The Girls of Glam, telling you straight up what they think of dating, guys, and brutal pickup fails.

TMS: Let’s go right for the throat: Describe your one perfect pickup. What’s the best way a guy has ever asked you out?


Clara-Ann:?Probably just came right up and said he thought I was good looking and would like to take me on a date. Straightforward. Not creepy or cocky. Just friendly and honest.

Tamara:?It was raining and we were standing outside one evening. He looked up and said, “this is such a movie moment,” and I started laughing. Then he said, “I’ve never really committed myself to anybody in the past because I wasn’t about that. I was all about having fun. But I just want you to know that I’m ready to commit whenever you are.” I was stunned, I can even remember what he said word for word. Because he had the courage to just go and say it like that, I was so wowed that he got me then and there.


Hayley: Having a normal conversation starting with “Hi, my name is _____, I’d love to buy you a drink.” Newsflash: girls are generally happy to talk to you. It’s when the cheesy lines come into play that we lose interest.

Another time a guy in a mall asked me to hold his phone because he needed to fix it. I thought it was strange but I held it anyway and when I looked at it he had texted “You’re beautiful can I have your number?” It was original and cute but he couldn’t have my number because I think he was about 15.

Jennifer:?I like a real gentleman. You?don’t?really get that that often anymore. I met a guy through work and we had seen each other a few times. After the second time, he texted me after saying it was good to see me but he had a tough request: that the next time it would be longer and over dinner. It was cute, funny and simple. It made me smile. He was polite about it and?wasn’t?cocky (another thing you?don’t?get often).

TMS: What was your best first date?


Clara-Ann:?Most of the first dates I have gone on have been pretty low key and laid back, which I like. Going for coffee, or a casual dinner and movie. I think that is a great way to get know someone. A casual environment makes it comfortable and way less pressure on both parties!

Tamara:?My best first date was a three-hour phone conversation followed by dinner at a sushi place where we closed down the restaurant because there was so much to talk about, and if you were to ask me what we talked about, I couldn’t tell you because sometimes the best conversions are the ones you can’t remember.


Hayley:?Finding a secluded surf beach in Puerto Vallarta (I was living there at the time) and spending the day sipping wine, picnicking and being taught how to surf.

Jennifer: He took me to dinner and a concert of one of my favorite bands. It was actually technically our second date but it was def. one of the best dates I had. We sang along together and it was just a really fun time. He put a lot of thought into it and really put together a date based on our similar interests.

TMS: If that date’s your Porsche, what’s a good “Camry” date? (You know, not the fantasy of a lifetime, but a good, reliable first date option everyone knows will work and get you where you need to go in reasonable comfort…)

Tamara:?I don’t like movie first dates because there is room for awkwardness where you don’t really know the person…so should you hold his hand? or should his arm be around you? I’d rather do something casual, like a coffee date where you can just go and see if you click with that person. There is no reason to do anything extravagant for the first date because it could be disastrous. I mean after all, you are getting to know the person and it’s easier over coffee rather than sky diving.

Hayley:?Dinner is always a good first date. It gives you a chance to talk and see if you connect on more levels then purely attraction. I also love first dates like going to a local festival or exhibit, small live concerts or even something like bowling or mini putt. Some friendly competition is a great way to keep the date exciting while still allowing for conversation.

Jennifer: I am good with a good dinner and conversation. Movies are the WORST first date, because you can’t get to know the person. So pretty much any place you can get to know the person. Don’t take me out to anything crazy either ? just a nice quiet restaurant is good.


TMS: Have you ever been the victim of an absolute pickup crash and burn?

Clara-Ann:?Yes I have. I, like most people, really value honesty and one time I had a guy fake a British accent when asking me out. I?shouldn’t?even say it was British because it was a poor attempt that came out as a mix of Australian, Irish and British. Little did he know, I had actually dated a guy who was from England and could spot an accent pretty well. When I called him out on it he was quite angry actually and ended up walking away embarrassed. If he had just been honest and said ??OK?OK?you got me, I am just trying to impress you,? maybe I would have given him a chance!


Tamara: Yes, I’m sure we all have at least once in our lives and if not, then it’s coming for you soon so be alert. So this is what happened:

Guy: Oh no, I lost my phone! Can you please call it for me!

Me: Yeah sure, what’s your number

Guy: 416-xxx-xxxx, (rings in his pocket).. thanks ill call you tomorrow 😉

Me: fail… -.-

Hayley: Yes! Many; the most recent being at the mall. A guy with his pants at his knees, a wrinkled white tee and a toque strolled on over and said, “Mommy, let me get your pin.” I literally laughed in his face. First of all, I’m not your mommy and second try changing out of your?pajamas?before you go out in public. The best part was he laughed along with me and continued trying to get my number.

Jennifer: Yes. So many. I have a large angel wing tattoo on my back and if I had a dollar for every time I have had some cheesy pick up line to do with it ? I would be a millionaire. ?Are you an angel?? ?Did you fall from heaven?? ?Are you good or are you bad?? I’ve even had one guy tell me his fantasy was to…you know…between my wings!

TMS: What was your worst date disaster?

Clara-Ann:?Thankfully I haven?t been on any complete disasters but once went on a date with a guy who I had not been seeing for very long. We went with a big group of his friends to see a comedy. He ended up sitting beside this other girl who came and I?wasn’t?even sitting beside him! The two of them laughed the entire time at this very UNfunny movie and were being overtly?flirtatious. I knew he?wasn’t?the guy for me because not only was he flirting with another girl the entire time, he had an awful sense of humor!

Tamara:?So this guy asked me to go out with him for lunch and since we worked very close to each other in the financial district we decided that we would meet at this fancy restaurant close by. I showed up, blazer and all because I was at work and he showed up in a neon blue tank top with Ed Hardy written all over it. I guess I was fooled by he location he said he worked at by the job that he actually did because it definitely wasn’t even remotely close to what I was doing. Anyway it was a disaster after that, talked about himself the entire time, ex girlfriends he had by calling them every name in the book, it was just brutal. So the funny part…

JenniferMy best friend and I have this thing where if I’m on a date with a guy and I don’t want to be there anymore I’ll text her and say “pleh”; which is HELP spelled backwards; and she will immediately call me with a frantic story about how I need to get to her ASAP because her fish is sick, or because her cat is hungry and she can’t make it home on time to feed her, or that I have to walk her dog before it pees all over her house. My best friend is very creative, and I bolted out of there during my “washroom” break. I’ve never done that to anybody but I couldn’t even face him to say goodbye that’s how bad it was.

Hayley:?Going to another city to see a guy I was dating and having him text other girls in front of me the entire time I was there. Needless to say, I got an early flight home.

Jennifer: LOL I’ve had a lot. I will share two stories with you.

First, I had done some promo work with this guy a few years ago and we were Facebook friends. He would always comment on my Facebook pictures. Then he sent me an inbox message saying, “oh I hope your boyfriend?doesn’t?get mad that I comment on your pics.” I was like, “no no, I?don’t?have a boyfriend.” So he was like, “let’s get dinner some time.” So he texted me and asked me if I wanted to go to the movies (worst first date) and I was like, “no let’s do dinner.” As soon as I saw him walking up to the restaurant I knew this?wasn’t?going down. He just?wasn’t?my type (he looked different from what I remembered). Then during dinner it was just awkward conversation. Then when the bill came ? the server goes ?would you like to pay cash credit card or debit?? He goes ?well I am paying credit card? and looks at me. Now?don’t?get me wrong ? I am ALL for paying for myself. But?don’t?ask me on a date then tell me we are splitting the bill. THEN he tried to kiss me when we were saying goodbye. He then texted me for two weeks straight with no response. Just embarrassing.

The second probably takes the cake though. I had been dating this guy for about a month and we had gone out one night. He was hungry so we went to a restaurant at about 2 AM. We had taken a pic on my phone and I had texted it to him. He showed me the pic and was like this is really cute of us.?I’m?like yeah, and for some reason when I was looking at the pics I clicked back into his text messages and from another girl it said I LOVE YOU 2. I put the phone down and walked out of the restaurant. He followed me out and said it was his cousin.?I’m?like, you text your cousin at 2 AM saying I love you? That is just weird. He said, “OK fine it was my friend. She texted me saying she was on my street and wanted to come meet with me to have a drink and she had a 26er of vodka. And I was like I love you but I can’t…” I asked to see the convo, and he said he hadvdeleted it. I then deleted him out of my life. [laughs]


TMS: If you?re in a relationship, do you continue to ?date? the guy you?re with, or do you prefer to settle back for more nights in?

Clara-Ann:?I think a combination of both is really important. I think going out really keeps things exciting and interesting but staying in creates more time for intimacy and alone time. I think to be with someone and to be truly happy, you have to keep things fresh and fun but also take one-on-one time.

Tamara:?Definitely strive to have a balance. I’m the kind of girl that likes to show off the guy I’m dating and still keep the relationship young and fresh. But I also like to have him for myself for some nights in.

Hayley:?Dates are a must! As much as I love nights in, going out to a club, dinner or movie continues to happen throughout my relationships. In my last relationship we went away for weekend trips all the time, went on vacations together, tried new restaurants and even went snowshoeing. We were always looking for fun things to do together. You can’t let things get boring or it will never last.

Jennifer: I like a mix of both. I think it is important to still do cool things, but I like to have nights in too.

TMS: What?s a guy gotta do to hold on to you?

Clara-Ann:?As I said I am definitely huge on honesty. I think both people in the relationship have to be 100% honest with one another and with that I need a guy to be very understanding and trusting, especially doing the job I do. Also, doing little romantic things here and there gets my heart for sure. Cooking me dinner, surprising me with flowers; just little things that show effort and care.

ClaraTamara:?It’s simple: don’t lie, don’t cheat, and don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Hayley:?Keep it exciting. Be spontaneous and don’t feel the need to have my input or consent for everything. Take charge and make decisions. Confidence is an attractive quality.

Jennifer: Keep it exciting. As I said I still like to do things even once you are “official.” Also, I cant handle jealous guys or guys that crowd me. I live a really busy life and meet a lot of people. I need a secure guy. I am a super easygoing girl and I really?don’t?care what you do as long as you are the same way.

TMS: What?s likely to make you walk away from a relationship?

Clara-Ann:?Jealousy! Jealousy is the most unattractive quality in anybody I think. If I am with a guy and he is super jealous, it really makes me question why he is even with me if he?doesn’t?trust me. Jealousy always creates arguments and a negative vibe which I definitely do NOT go for!

Tamara:?Lying, cheating, and broken promises. There are seven billion people on this earth. There is no reason you should settle for less than you deserve.

Hayley:?When I lose respect for the person I am dating or when things just don’t feel the same anymore.

Jennifer: You have to keep it exciting. I get bored easily and if I get turned off, it is impossible to turn me back on. As well as jealousy and?shadiness? The guy I had talked about in my second worst date experience ? he had been sooo shady. Always going MIA for days. Ditching me every time we made plans to go to his house. Just something?wasn’t?right. He lied and said he lived on his own but he lived at home. Just too much. Then the 2 AM text showed me what was up. If you become jealous ? that isnt cool either. He became really jealous and always would make comments. He claimed he?didn’t?have Facebook, Twitter or Instagram ? yet he accused me of seeing another guy after I had posted a picture of me and my guy friend on my social media. It was just too much for me.

JenniferTMS: OK, you’re working at an event and you know all the guys are checking you out. Who’s the guy YOU can’t keep your eyes off of?

ClaraClara-Ann:?Probably the guy NOT looking at me! [laughs] I like a bit of a chase for sure! Mysterious guys definitely intrigue me. And so do stylish/fashionable guys. I like a guy who?doesn’t?have to work for attention and just has a certain je ne sais quoi.

Tamara:?The guy in the back of the room not approaching me, but observing from a distance.

Hayley:?This rarely happens. Maybe I’m picky but when I’m working an event I’m all about having fun with the girls. A few times a guy has caught my eye and he’s all too eager to come over and try to get my number. I think the appeal of a big group of beautiful girls invites that, but sometimes a bit of a chase is fun.

Jennifer: I have two types of guys I love. I love a clean good looking guy in a suit ? pure business man. The other is that good looking jock hockey boy in a white T-shirt and jeans. Shoes have to be clean and nice.

HayleyTMS: Who?s the guy you can?t get away from fast enough?

Clara-Ann:?Probably the creepy cocky older guy. A guy who boasts about money is really repulsive. If you want to show me that you have money buy me a drink or offer to take me to dinner. You do not have to tell me about your personal net worth, thank you!

Tamara:?The guy with the big heart…but an even bigger head. Blown up egos are a no go -.- ?& they use charm to get to you. My heart’s no longer worn on my sleeve, it’s in my chest where it belongs. If you can get to it there then I’m all yours.

ClaraHayley:?The guy who won’t leave me alone. Case in point: at a promotional modelling job I work regularly the same guy is always at the venue. We’ve chatted and he’s asked for my number but I’m not interested in more than a friendship and I told him this. Despite this, he thought it’d be a good idea to grab my face and try to make me kiss him not once,?not twice, but four times throughout the night. I am not looking forward to my next encounter with him.

Jennifer: In bars? Those annoying guys with the worst pick up lines who won’t stop touching you.?In dating? Those guys that are constantly complimenting you and you can tell you can just walk all over. That is NOT attractive to me. I need a guy that gives me a bit of a challenge especially once we are “official.” I need that challenge still. Keep it interesting.

TMS: Describe your perfect romantic weekend getaway.

JenniferClara-Ann:?When I think of a romantic weekend I think of winter for some reason. Maybe a ski chalet with a room with a fire-place. Candle lit dinners and lots of cuddling and wine! Favorite movies and little surprises along the way. Couples spa packages are always nice as well!

Tamara:?A Caribbean vacation or a cruise. I try using every opportunity I have to go down south. Canada is too cold for my liking.

Hayley:?Being Canadian, I love Niagara Falls. It’s quaint and romantic and there is so much to do. A weekend would consist of going to wineries, dinners overlooking the falls and a romantic walk along the falls. I also love Clifton Hill; there are rides, arcades, a sky wheel and more. It offers a lot to do. During the evening I like going to Dragonfly nightclub, a casino or staying in the room with a nice bottle of wine that we picked up at the winery earlier that day.

Jennifer: I like doing different stuff. So anything from going up north; water skiing, fire, cooking, etc.; to a fun weekend in away in NYC or something. I like going to live sporting events and concerts, so a weekend built away around something like that is really good.

TamaraTMS: OK, I can?t afford that. Would you settle for a tent and a sleeping bag?

Clara-Ann:?If you can bring the wine then a camping weekend will work just fine!

Tamara:?Nobody said you’re paying for us both silly :P?Camping? Sure, as long as we make lots of s’mores and it’s not in your backyard 😉

Hayley:?It’s not that expensive and I don’t do tents! I don’t need something to cost a lot of money for me to enjoy it. It’s all about the things you find to do while you’re there and having fun with the person you are with.

Jennifer: Umm..?I’m?not much of a camper BUT if I really liked you then yeah ? but I?don’t?know if you would be down to take me camping. [laughs]?I’m?kind of high maintenance and I might ruin your weekend.

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