Homecraft 101: Early Season Home Maintenance Schedule

In this feature, we’re going to guide you through the things you need to take care of every season around your home. Obviously if you’re an apartment renter or condo dweller many of the items on our CMHC checklist won’t apply to you. But some, like cleaning range hoods and checking or replacing smoke detector batteries, are valid no matter where you live.

Because we’re launching in March, we’re going to have to get a jump on the spring season and your early season home maintenance schedule. Our calendar naturally begins in January/February, but in case you didn’t get to these things it’s a good idea to make sure you have a look around and see what you can get caught up on. These are all quick jobs, so you’ll be able to do most in just a few minutes. Our next issue will cover the March/April tasks for spring maintenance.

DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME FOR 2012 is SUNDAY, MARCH 11. Set your clocks ahead one hour before you go to bed on Saturday night (March 10). Change the batteries in your smoke detectors first thing in the morning.

  • Clean or replace furnace filter.
  • Check or clean heat recovery ventillator; wash or replace filter.
  • Ensure that air intakes, exhausts and meters are clear of snow.
  • Clean humidifier.
  • Clean range hood filter.
  • Check basement floor drain.

Doesn’t seem like too much, does it?

This is also a good time to take care of any serious interior cleaning, like major dusting. During the winter months, we tend to seal ourselves in, and dust and dust mites that would otherwise be blown out through open windows in the spring and summer collect in corners and under beds. If you’re planning a big spring cleaning for April, this is the time to tidy up rooms and create the space you need for that cleaning.

Clutter accumulates during the winter, and it’s sometimes overwhelming to do it all in one shot during spring cleaning. Taking a few minutes to deal with the clutter in one room at a time can make the spring cleaning go much more smoothly with less time wasted in sorting.

During March you also have a great opportunity to check on interior trim repairs. You might not be ready to paint (depending on where you are in North America), but it’s a good time to make that checklist for any spot painting you might want to add to your annual spring fix-it list. Doing this now will give you time to stock up on brushes and quarts of paint so it’s not such a chore. In fact, you may even be able to just knock out some of those dings on the door frames and be done with it, well in advance of the big spring cleanup.

Better planning now means more time off in the summer!

For more information on home maintenance, visit the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) online at www.cmhc.ca.