Homecraft 101: March/April Home Maintenance Schedule

In this feature, we’re going to guide you through the things you need to take care of every season around your home. Obviously if you’re an apartment renter or condo dweller many of the items on our CMHC checklist won’t apply to you. But some, like cleaning range hoods and checking or replacing smoke detector batteries, are valid no matter where you live.

Our last issue covered many of the items you should be looking at for spring maintenance on your home. Just to recap, these included:

  • Clean or replace furnace filter.
  • Check or clean heat recovery ventillator; wash or replace filter.
  • Ensure that air intakes, exhausts and meters are clear of snow.
  • Clean humidifier.
  • Clean range hood filter.
  • Check basement floor drain.

For this issue, check off any of those unfinished items if you haven’t taken care of them already, just so they’re out of the way. You’ll be set up right through April now, if you take care of just a few additional items:

  • Check your sump pump (this means checking for both debris and functioning; my basement flooded in the first weeks of March, so once the rains set in you’ll want this thing working…trust me).
  • Check gutters and downspouts, and clean if needed.
  • Inspect your air conditioning, and service as needed. It’s suggested that you have your a/c serviced every two or three years.
  • Check your basement or crawlspace for signs of seepage or leakage. You’ll want to get this dealt with as quickly as possible if there is any moisture working its way in.

Ensure that the ground slopes away from the foundation wall. This may require some external repairs, especially around lawn or garden zones. Once in a while you may also need to shore up your driveway or patio, if these butt up against your foundation.

This will be a good time to take on a few annual checks around the home. Have your ducts cleaned in the spring, just because they’ve been working overtime all winter for you. Do a quick check on your plumbing shut-off valves to make sure they’re working, and test the pressure relief valve on your hot water tank. You’ll also want to break out the ladder and see if you can spot any signs of moisture up in the attic. Moisture here can cause major problems in your walls and ceilings, so you want to make sure your roof is doing its job to keep everything inside nice and dry.

For more information on home maintenance, visit the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) online at www.cmhc.ca.