October 22, 2012

Is Soy Bad for Men?

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Written by: The Man Sphere

The adverse effects of soy isoflavones are making headlines online again.

There’s still a lot of confusion out there about what is or isn’t good for you, and this confusion seems to be compounded when one thing or another gets demonized. For example, we’re now told that milk is bad, because a lot of people are lactose intolerant (which is true). The real issue is that lactose is a sugar, and sugar is bad (which is also true). So the takeaway is that milk is bad (which may not be completely true).

Unfortunately, the shortcut is to find a single alternative to make up for it. In the case of milk, a lot of people opt for soy milk. But we at The Man Sphere have known for a while, thanks to keeping on the pulse of nutritional research as much as possible, that soy protein is a bad idea, certainly for men. The simple fact is that soy isoflavones promote estrogen production, which in men interferes with testosterone production, and therefore also growth hormone, and therefore also muscle growth.

But now, Dr. Kaayla Daniel has compiled a comprehensive collection of 170 reasons why everyone should avoid the stuff, except in very specific, fermented condiment doses. Its not the wonder food it’s made out to be.

You can check out the list here:

For a condensed Top 10, along with a bit of discussion on the current trend to still view soy as a beneficial food despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary, check out the article from The Healthy Home Economist:

We felt this information was important enough that, even though we didn’t create these articles, and even though this is a fairly short few paragraphs, we had to share this info with our readers to help get the message out there. This stuff is just not good for you. Stop pretending it is.



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