New Year’s Eve Girl: Natasha Ruth


One major goal I hope to achieve for 2014 is becoming better, and progressing even more than I did during 2013…in as many ways as possible! Whether it’s getting better grades in the nursing program I am taking in college , going to the gym more, or modeling for more talented people, I would just like to learn more, improve and become better at the things that mean the most to me!

Name: Natasha Paulette Ruth

Occupation: Currently a student in college becoming a Registered Practical Nurse, and pursuing modeling as well!!

Education: College- Took Pre Health Sciences and currently doing Registered Practical Nursing

How did you get started on your current career track?

DSC_0153editL (1)Since I was younger I loved fashion, photography, sketching clothes, and making them which grew into a bigger passion for modeling (: Before I was 18 I developed my own portfolio with all my own photography equipment and camera. I felt it was really important to get the feel for taking photos, posing and getting comfortable with the camera before I started with a photographer! When I turned 18 I was totally prepared for it! I worked with Taylor Simon Photography for my first photo shoot where some of the photos captured got published twice in Modelz View Magazine. Recently, I have been working with Bob House Photography who is just amazing, and always a pleasure to work with!! I have lots of projects on the go, lots of submissions. In the end- you could say I have a modeling/fashion addiction, and the camera and I are best friends haha!!

What gives you the most satisfaction as an artist?

1461019_10153397513175526_1216186472_n (1) (1)I get a lot of satisfaction out of seeing the end products of the photo shoot! When I see how all the photos turned out, and then seeing how many people enjoy, believe in me, and want me to succeed too… it is just satisfying. Besides that, I get a lot of satisfaction about being who I am, learning and improving at every single shoot. Not to mention, I get to spend lots of time doing things I love and feeling great, and having all my photos to treasure! When I am old, I will have so many beautiful photos and achievements to look back on!

What motivates or inspires you in your work?

DSC_0145editLOne name: TYRA BANKS!! I watched Tyras show growing up and at times when I was having ?girl problems? related to boys, self-esteem love, life…one of her shows always had the answer or something to teach me. She helped A LOT of young girls. I always admired her as a model too; I always practiced my ?smize? and her posing tips in the mirror! I think the Tyra technique works because I sure have grown when it comes to modeling. Want to improve- well get off that booty and turn some Americas Next Top Model on, let it motivate and inspire you, watch them pose, listen to them critique, browse Tyras photos- LEARN!! I let her success, strength, beauty, talent, and what she was trying to show and teach- just flow through my veins! I hope I meet her someday <3 Sorry, had to express my TyTy love for a moment hehe!

Do you have a personal work philosophy?

DSC_0244(large) (1)Good things come to those who get off their butts and do it, work towards it! You want to achieve something, or succeed- HELL YA it takes persistence, hard work, organization, and some stress is guarantee! If you want something that bad you?re going to destroy any obstacles like a game of old school ?asteroids? on drugs! If someone tells you ?NO? ? you can?t get let the negativity in (for very long at least), or you?re bound to crash ? you gotta get up and prove them wrong and don?t stop until they say ?YES?.

If you weren’t doing this, what could you see yourself doing?

DSC_0406(large) (1)Exactly what I am doing right now, going to college to become a nurse! I love to help people, and it breaks my heart when I see people who need help, or are hurting and just need a little care and lovin?!

What are you working on right now?

DSC_0481 1I am pretty much working on getting exposure and contacting places I would really like to contribute to, or be a part of.

One of these places is the amazing Maxim Magazine…which has recently added me to their model database for upcoming events or photo shoots…and they have been retweeting my modelling photos on their twitter for ?Maxim Hot Pic At Noon? , so that is exciting for me! Another place I love is Pink Lipstick Lingerie who is going to be sending me some gear to shoot in. I love Pink Lipstick Lingerie…always have been shooting in their stuff and it has been paying off!

Overall, I am basically getting exposure, shooting my ass off, improving, learning, and submitting to many magazines for features/publications. I also am updating my website * *. I always find myself tagging many other people in my photos too on Instagram: * @natasharphotos * ..Twitter: *@NPaulettePhotos *…you just never know who might come across your stuff and decide to contact you! Opportunity is everywhere!

What do you first notice about a guy?

DSC_0690large (2)How clean/put together they look, what they are wearing, and if they smell good, and how they are looking at me! If speak to them I?ll always notice their smile, and as we talk I will see their maturity level/personality by what they say. I notice what kind of guy he seems to be….that first impression of 10 seconds to 1 minute is VERY important boys (it can make the friendship/relationship or break it) make it count!

What gets you interested?

DSC_0745(large)Being funny…I like to laugh regardless of the guy!! Being caring and interested (wondering who I am, interests, goals, hobbies) but DONT BE CREEPY PLEASE hahaha. Talkative… you have to be able to hold a conversation and not have that awkward silence after a minute. I like to hear what the guy has to say (interests, goals, achievements, what he is proud of, where he sees himself) and if I fancy the things he says then I will obviously be interested. The guy has to want to get to know me, ask questions and hangs out with me…find out what we have in common. He cannot be a dick, no way in hell am I going to be interested in someone who does not know how to use their heart. Smile, make me laugh and show you?re interested, support me, and LISTEN to what I have to say. Girls usually don?t say things for no reason.

What keeps you interested?

Someone who continues to always accept me for the person I am, and lets me see the guy he truly is…seriously…never ?fake? who you are.

I am interested in someone who understands, listens, hangs out with me/goes out with me, is passionate, truthful, helpful, honest, funny, open, smart, tries takes care of me, enjoys my company, and someone can depend on them if I need to. I really find myself interested in someone who has their priorities straight, goal oriented, gets along with my family, always stays interested and continues to learn more about me even if we?ve been seeing each other for awhile! He knows how/when to have fun but knows it?s not EVERY night…he knows when to be mature and focus on whatever his focus is (school, job, goals…whatever). I would be much more likely to stay interested in a guy who has goals he wants to achieve, that way we can both support and help each other get there (:

If he has the ability to make me smile and laugh, breaks my walls down…makes me feel beautiful, and thinks I?m beautiful inside and out *ding ding ding* you are probably a winner!! Mostly everything I give in a relationship I expect back…because I know when I care about somebody I will put in a crazy amount of effort, love and more for that person…so it?s only fair to expect that back…a relationship is NOT a one way street!

DSC_0082What’s your number one deal breaker?

Cheating, lying…anything to break my trust or hurt me! *WORDS TO LIVE BY BOYS: If your plan is to hide it or lie about it then you probably shouldn?t be doing it. There is no point in lying…honesty will get your further than lying ever will. Another deal breaker…if they seem like one of those typical party animal ?DAMN, I want your booty girl? kinda guys, I am outta there so fast…I won?t be rude but I won?t be interested anymore! haha!


Hmm turn-ons…when I can be weird around the guy and he likes it, when a guy lets me into his heart, or when they are sensitive. Sometimes a guys smile can make me melt, or when a guy has that little sparkle in his eyeball when they care about you (:

A guy who has good hygiene and washes his hands LOL (nursing gets to me sometimes hahaha). Takes care of himself…maybe works out. I can?t say I don?t like a muscular body and an attractive build…nice boy booty, yea thats a turn on haha. Handsome face, smells good, nice clothes, scruffy facial hair, knows what he?s ?doing? and does it with confidence (:


Intense moustaches haha…don?t have to explain that one. Party animal, cheater, doesn?t appreciate a natural/real/beautiful woman, a guy that is not sanitary looking, immature, liar, doesn?t take care of himself. A bully to others, rude to his family, or the high ego ?tough guy?!

DSC_0022editWhat sort of fitness plan, if any, do you follow?

I admit that sometimes when I am really busy I eat what I want and pray. The bad foods I eat when I do are poutine and pizza, sometimes McDonald?s muahaha. I also like my Starbucks (caramel macchiato), and my Cafe Mochas from Tim Horton?s. I don?t follow a ?fitness plan? but I try and attempt to eat well…I crave unhealthy food sometimes since I am human. I eat lots of fruit like oranges, kiwis, apples, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, bananas. Vegetables like raw green peppers, carrots, and salad. I also eat a lot of steamed vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower, since they are the best way to eat veggies! Other things I also eat are: peanut butter on a toasted english muffin, honey bunches of oats cereal, LOTS of yogurt and milk, steak, mashed potatoes, pasta, sheppards pie, boiled eggs, Egg Mc?Muffin (English muffin/fried egg/cheese/bacon or ham). I also love GOOD TEA, I am not a tea person but those tea stores with hundreds of different teas are great to find your match, I really like white blueberry acai berry tea, and peach tranquility tea, yum! I try to work out when I can walking, doing sit ups, or even carrying two 13 pound textbooks on your arm in a bag at school, I also have my own stripper pole in my room so I usually just work out on that…something every girl needs to keep in shape hahaha!

Favourite workout tip: Drinking chocolate milk after a workout has lots of protein and is great for you! Also working out isn?t suppose to painful but you are suppose to push yourself, know your activity tolerance- and work your way up to your goal.

Favourite recipe: Snowballs!! My mom made these growing up, I devour them!! Newfoundland recipe:

iPhone or Android: I love my iPhone <3

What are you driving: My magic carpet!!

One thing guys should know when talking to a beautiful woman: Listen to what she?s saying, act like a gentlemen…a beautiful woman gets talked to by many guys usually, you HAVE to stand out be unique. Stare at her face, not her ladies haha- ask questions about her life, experiences, wants, goals but don?t be creepy about it!

Absolute WORST experience on set/shoot: Honestly, never had one!! Hmm, sometimes the most uncomfortable poses during photo shoots usually turn out the best. Another model problem could be is that hose dang heels can hurt the feet/legs after posing for a while in them. That?s about all I can think about.

Quirky things about you that never turn up in interviews:

A few things- I talk to my cat, a little too much than I probably should…I call him the weirdest things haha. I?m obsessed with zombies, and it is one small reason I chose to go to school for nursing (I?ll be prepared for the zombie apocalypse injuries/survival haha). I have too much wardrobe for my own good, and I am losing spots to put it all. I loooveeee shooting games…Call of Duty, Zombies, Modern Warfare, Halo…to die for. I collected rocks when I was little and now I have Ziploc Bags full of random, very pretty rocks around my house! I love toaster strudels, the CIRCLE pizza pockets, candles, my favourite scent is vanilla, mmmm LOL.


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