Personal Care: Do you schedule your routine?

We all know how important grooming and personal care are. But do you find yourself madly rushing to trim your nails before a big date? Are you rushing to get shaved before bolting out to a big meeting or presentation?

How up-to-date is your manscaping?

While the idea of keeping yourself polished is by no means a new one, frantic last-minute routines are usually the result of not maintaining. In other words, if you wait until your nails are long enough to?need trimming, you’ll have to put in extra time doing it–very likely at the moment when you don’t actually have the extra time. As my father used to say, “take care of your equipment, and your equipment will take care of you.” He was referring to his truck and boat, of course, but the general idea is still the same. The more you maintain your gear, the less you’ll have to deal with in an emergency.

Things you should schedule on a regular basis include:


Some guys do this every day. Some need to do it twice a day. I find I can usually get by with every second day without looking like too much of a bum.

Beard Trimming

Because my facial hair doesn’t grow super fast, I can usually trim my beard and mustache twice a week. I choose Thursday and Sunday just because it seems neatly spaced.


As a rule of thumb (no pun intended), I’ll clip and file my nails once a week, usually on Sunday morning. My nails don’t grow super fast, but this ensures they stay in a consistent condition week to week.


I don’t know about you, but my toenails tend to grow a lot slower than my fingernails. I can generally get away with every two weeks on these guys. This is often overlooked, but totally worth the effort, so I do this every other week as part of my Sunday post-shower routine.


How quickly does your hair grow? Longer styles tend to need fewer trims than short or bald styles. Pay close attention, and respond accordingly. I tend to get mine done once a month, usually on the second or third Friday or Saturday (depending on my pay days…yes, that’s my deciding factor). If you’re budgeting, you can always set an exact date every month, like the first and the fifteenth (if you go twice), or every two weeks if your budget allows.

Taking care of details regularly ensures that you never miss anything in your personal care routine. Keeping things scheduled is a simple way to make sure you’ve set up a ritual that works, and habits that will always have you looking your best.

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