Quality Over Brand Name

In this short video post, Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses the importance of brand names and labels in regard to quality men?s clothing.

Aaron is not a brand or label snob — the brand or label?doesn’t?matter to him. He looks for great options that are not brand name since they are more affordable. Most people don?t know what brand you are wearing most of the time. They do notice if the fit, quality, and look are good, however.

Aaron tells a story about his friend Allan and his wardrobe. The moral to the story is that money?doesn’t?buy style, and good style?doesn’t?require a lot of money. You have to determine what you value and what you spend the money on the most, but it?doesn’t?have to be brand name.

Keep your eyes open at discount stores, and pay attention to fit, fabric, and feel.


Image courtesy of David Castillo / FreeDigitalPhotos.net