Style and Grooming for Valentine’s Day

by Aaron Marino

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Mission accomplished!? You asked, she accepted, and the big date is set!? You?ve made all the arrangements and are anxiously awaiting the day.? This one?s a big deal, so you want to present your best self by portraying a man who reflects your true self ? a confident, stylish man whose image reveals your desire to succeed in today?s competitive world.? It sounds good, but if you find yourself unsure of how to master today?s modern style and grooming expectations society has placed on us guys, read on.? It?s not difficult to achieve this alpha male status, so by paying attention to details and going that extra mile to look amazing, you?ll proudly reflect the man you want your date and the world to see.

Whether this is a first date, recurring date, special or seasonal date, you?ll want to hit it out of the park.? With the holiday season around the corner, this time of year and all its festivities present the perfect opportunity to execute the new you. ?Let?s take it from the top and review the basics everyman needs to know and do to make this and every date a success.


The first place to start when choosing an outfit is knowing what the dress requirements are of the event you and your date will be attending.? Is it a Saturday night dinner, Friday night movie, wedding or New Year?s Eve party?? Each scenario is different and calls for appropriate attire.? If you don?t know what the dress code is, find out.? Make a phone call to the hostess, or at the very least, ask someone whose opinion you trust.? Nothing is worse than showing up at a black tie affair in a casual outfit, or wearing jeans to a classy, upscale restaurant.? So, know your venue in advance and plan your outfit accordingly.? If there?s ever a time you can?t find out, err on the side of caution and always overdress.? It?s much safer and smarter to show up looking great than to look like the guy who missed the memo.

Once you know how to dress for this special date, take an honest look at your wardrobe and decide if your clothing is current or not.? If your suit has extra wide lapels, bell bottoms and is the color orange, you might want to purchase a new suit as quickly as possible.? I?m sure the suit was perfect back in the day, but the 70s are over, and so is fashion that causes people to time travel when they see it.? Wearing current styles makes an important statement about your sense of style and judgment.? It sends a strong message about your commitment to image and success.? Dressing as though you?re part of the 21st century will command admiration and respect from any woman.

Shoes, belts and accessories require the same attention as clothing.? Shoes must match the style of your outfit: dress shoes with dress or formal wear, semi-dress shoes with semi-dress or business casual clothing, and casual shoes with casual garb.? Shoes can make or break an outfit, so don?t commit a fashion faux pas by mixing styles.? Next, make sure they are a current style, are in good shape, and are clean and polished.? It doesn?t matter how awesome shoes are if they?re scuffed or dirty.


Your outfit can look like it just came off the runways of Milan, but if you look like you haven?t seen a razor or bottle of shampoo for a while, you may as well stay home.? As important as dressing well is, grooming is even more imperative. ?Take an honest look at yourself in a mirror and ask if what you see looking back at you portrays the man you want your date to see.? If what you see?doesn’t?look inviting, take care of business.

Start at the top and work your way down.? Address all head, neck and facial hair.? If you haven?t had a recent haircut ? now?s the time.? Shave, trim and style all facial hair, including nose and ear hair.? If you manscape, be prepared.? Clean and trim finger and toenails, and if athlete?s foot or nail fungus is a problem, address it ASAP.


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Aaron Marino is the founder, owner, and senior style consultant at Atlanta?s?alpha m. Image Consulting. He also?runs?alpha m. Dot Net, which features accessories for men, and?I Am Alpha M.?, which is a lifestyle and personal development zone for men. He authored the book, ?The Guy?s Guide to Image, Style, and Impeccable Grooming? and appeared on VH1?s Glam God and also Man Made Style. He frequently makes public appearances, giving his expert opinions an advice, and his highly sought after videos appear on?YouTube.