Wardrobe Preservation (Part 4)

Coats and Jackets:

There are countless types of coats and jackets, but things they have in common are the need of a wide wooden hanger and dry cleaning when needed.

Leather outerwear requires maintenance to keep the leather clean, supple and waterproof. Use only leather approved products when cleaning and conditioning. Do not over use products for they will build up on the leather, impairing its ability to breathe and look its best. Always hang leather coats on a wide, padded hanger in order to protect the leather from any punctures. Never store leather in a plastic bag or garment bag because it needs to breathe.

Shoes and Boots:

Keep them clean and polished and they?ll serve you well for years.

If odor is a problem, buy or use any of the many remedies to refresh your shoes. Keeping your feet dry and wearing breathable cotton socks often prevents this problem from occurring.

Belts and Ties:

The best thing you can do for either of these is hang them up. Hanging will keep ties from wrinkling, and belts from losing their shape. If ties get wrinkled and need pressing, place a handkerchief or thin piece of cloth over them to protect the fabric from hot heat and steam, since ties are very delicate and get damaged easily. They can also be dry cleaned.

Clean and condition leather belts to keep them looking good. Check out my article ?Belts 101? for more ideas on belt care.

Invest in a lint roller and use it when clothing has lint or pet hair on it. You don?t want people to know you have pets by looking at your clothes. With three cats in my house, I have multiple rollers!

We have it really easy in this day and age with all the convienent, easy-care fabrics on the market. Caring for clothes has never been less complicated and more of a no-brainer; making it something everyone can do. Put the time into maintaining your wardrobe, so it will look its best and reflect your alpha image!

Aaron Marino is the founder, owner, and senior style consultant at Atlanta?s?alpha m. Image Consulting. He also?runs?alpha m. Dot Net, which features accessories for men, and?I Am Alpha M.?, which is a lifestyle and personal development zone for men. He authored the book, ?The Guy?s Guide to Image, Style, and Impeccable Grooming? and appeared on VH1?s Glam God and also Man Made Style. He frequently makes public appearances, giving his expert opinions an advice, and his highly sought after videos appear on?YouTube.

Image: Carlos Porto / FreeDigitalPhotos.net