Woman we love: Sarah Booth

Montreal-born actress Sarah Booth is currently on Season 2 of the SyFy TV drama Helix, where she plays ?Sister Olivia?, a rebel who stands for what she believes in. On Christmas? eve of 2012, she gave herself the most beautiful gift a woman could ever wish for: Love. That?s right! Sarah and her husband Gavin Michael Booth exchanged their vows on December 24th, 2012, and have been sharing both their personal and business lives, Gavin being a dorector and producer. But don?t be fooled by Sarah?s angel face! She is a very convincing bad girl in ?The Scarehouse?, a feature that she starred in and produced with her husband.

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Name:? Sarah Booth

Occupation:? Actor

Education: Professional Theatre Program from Dawson College

Stats:? Currently have a recurring role on Helix season 2, co-wrote the story for ?The Scarehouse? which I also starred in and was a producer on, 2 seasons of ?30 Vies?, and the 4 Star reviewed Toronto production of ?Blackbird? (producer, one of 2 main actors)

How did you get started?? Right after theatre school I found an agent in Montreal.? I was very fortunate to book the series ?30 Vies? for two seasons.? It helped push me into my acting union cards faster than most people are able to do it.? That meant that I could audition for bigger projects. I was Montreal based until 2012 when I made the leap to Toronto (still coming back to Montreal for auditions and work all the time).? I?ve been featured in small parts in movies and TV but 2015 seems to be my biggest year to date by far.?With The Scarehouse being released and ?Helix? season 2 starting last week, which I have a recurring role on, the momentum is gaining I would say.

What gives you the most satisfaction in your work?? The unpredictability.?That is on set when acting and in the everyday life of being an actor.? Always getting to play different roles, audition as different characters from different eras and ways of life from my own is incredibly refreshing.? Day to day not knowing exactly when life and work will bring is an unpredictability I crave.? I don?t know that I would last more than a few weeks at any other career.? I would never knock the ?day job? world or other careers – I just can?t ever see myself enjoying that pace of life.

Sarah Booth4What motives or inspired you in your work?? I?m motivated by people and friends that I am in close contact with that are doing incredible work.?Ambitious plays, creating their own web series or actor friends producing their own films to star in.?That sort of energy is very inspiring and constantly makes me want to chase my own dreams harder.?I?m also motivated to never reach a goal and settle at that point.?A goal reached becomes a normal state and then I?immediately set the next goal and work towards it.?I don?t do well with relaxing or resting on any laurels for too long (if there are any laurels to be had from whichever project I?m finishing at the time!).

Do you have a personal work philosophy?? No. Not at all.?I am still learning far too much as an actor and about the business of acting to have a full perspective to offer myself at this point.? Each project, each role is so different right now that I am just soaking it all in.? That is part of what I love about this business, I don?t think I?ll ever have one set philosophy.? There is no A to B to C definitives in my opinion.?There is so much to interpret and constant adaptation is part of the experience.

If you weren?t doing this, what could you see yourself doing? Something involving travel.?I love to drive.?My dad drives a truck for a living.? I used to do runs with him.? I just drove from Montreal to Los Angeles and don?t mind long days on the road at all.?Maybe I would drive truck.?Or be a flight attendant.?Travel is my second love in life.?Outside of travel, the backup to that imaginary career would be working with animals, like and animal rescue business.?All else fails, I guess I could be a stripper.?I have dance in my background!

What are you working on right now? I?m a recurring character on season two of ?Helix? (SYFY in the U.S. and Showcase in Canada).? That is airing now.? A film I starred in, co-wrote the story for and was a producer on, The Scarehouse, was just released on VOD/iTunes and is coming to DVD February 17th so there is lots of promotion for that.? I just shot as a small character on the TV miniseries ?Marilyn?.? I?m in L.A. to audition for pilot season and plot out the rest of my year (as much as any actor can!).

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What?s the first thing you notice about a guy? Obviously what they look like is number one- that?s not being superficial – I think everyone can admit that is the first indication of attraction in a situation of complete strangers seeing each other for the first time??Number two – a sense of humour.? Real people, real humour.? I love to laugh and need that energy around me.?Third – drive.?A hunger in life.?It doesn?t have to be about career and money.?Just a drive for something.?Something that motivates a person to wake up everyday and chase their dream, whatever that dream may be.

What gets you interested? Same as above.? When someone has found their passion in life they are a lot more interesting.?They know themselves.?They have at least some of their stuff together.?They have a path or the vision of their path they need to embark on.?Someone who wants adventure in their life and doesn?t mind the risk that comes with chasing adventure and goals.

What?s the number one deal breaker (either on first meeting or in a relationship)? If they won?t let me have a puppy.?I need puppies.?Also, no kids for me.?The words ?I want to have kids one day? would get me off a barstool and running out the door faster than anything.?Unless those ?kids? are puppies.?I?ll stay for another drink if they are.

Turn-ons:? Sense of humour, adventurous spirit, foot rubs, spontaneity, dark chocolate.

Turn-offs:? Complaining, tardiness, scapegoating – someone who can?t own blame and responsibility.

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To stay in shape, what?s your basic diet look like?? Whole, natural foods.?I don?t mean organic everything – just as little processed foods as possible.? I don?t eat a lot of meat but certainly wouldn?t call myself a vegetarian.? This year I?m doing a one year no alcohol challenge so that is a recent diet change (I sound like a really exciting person with that one don?t I?!).

What sort of fitness routine, if any, do you follow?? Shaun T?s Insanity – several times a week.?Yoga, running.?This year starting to lift more weights.?Leaving Canada for periods of time in the winter helps motivate all this.

Favourite workout tip: Do it.?Wake up and do it.?Make it part of your lifestyle and routine.? Once you start seeing and feeling the benefits you will want to continue it.

Favourite recipe: Anything I can throw in a crockpot.?Add cilantro.

iPhone or Android: iPhone!? I find it more user friendly.? I like the camera better.? I?m a form Android user so yes, I?ve crossed over to the dark side.

What are you driving?? A super sleek, high performance, four door, regular edition, standard, base model Ford Focus.? Ya? you?re jealous, I know.?However, I do own a ?63 Thunderbird that is in a garage waiting to be fixed up.?I would add bicycle to my selection of fine rides but alas it was stolen.?Thanks Toronto!

One thing guys should know when talking to a beautiful woman? Be your normal self.? She?ll figure you out eventually, so save her the time and be YOU.

Absolute WORST experience on set/shoot?? Sitting freezing cold on a rock naked in the middle of a lake being eat by mosquitos.? What makes it worse is that it didn?t even make the final cut of the film.?Also, no, I will not tell you what the film is called.

One quirky thing about you that never comes up in interviews?? Toilet humour makes me laugh more than anything on the planet.? If someone farts in a movie or a TV show it cracks me up instantly and always.

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What?s next for you??What?s your next big idea or project?? I?m attached to a soldier film titled ?King Jimmy? that hopefully will shoot sooner rather than later.? Other than that, back to the basic joy of the acting life, which is, no matter what you?ve just finished you go right back to auditioning and hoping for the best.? After the success of the play ?Blackbird? I produced and starred in this part December I?m toying with the idea of doing another production sometime in the not too distant future.


IMDb page: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3567018/