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Born in London, England, Lara Clear is a film & TV actress, theater performer and commercial model, currently working in New York and Los Angeles. Between magazines, newspapers and billboards, her recent work includes commercials for Vistaprint, Axe, Comcast and Babies? R Us. Lara?s acting career began when she was in diapers?literally! She snagged her first gig at the age of 2, in a Pampers commercial.

Lara?s film work includes ?Photo Shoot? (France, 2009), ?The Stone?, (UK, 2010) and ?Got to Run? (UK, 2011), all screened at the Cannes Film Festival and who enjoyed theatrical releases. Blessed by her acting talents, she got her US permanent residency by obtaining a Greencard for Extraordinary ability in Acting. Living in the ?Empire State?, Lara is building her own empire, using her skills to produce short films in which she also stars, such as ?Box of Crayons? (2013) and ?Peaches and Tea? (2015), both written by her co-star and friend, Stacy Ayn Price.

Lara Clear7NAME
– Lara Clear

OCCUPATION – Actor/Model


  • A level degrees in French, Theatre, Media studies, Physical Education, from Reigate College, UK.
  • National Diploma in Musical Theatre and advanced acting at The Urdang Academy London. Also including short courses at RADA UK and UCB NYC for improvisation.
  • Trained in Conservatory for Theatre in London for three years and went on to perform in theatre, TV, film and commercials around the UK before gaining my green card for acting merits and moving to NYC.

STATS: I gained the ability to work in the USA by getting a Green Card for Extraordinary ability in Acting. I worked for many years to receive that on my own merits and am very proud that my hard work and commitment to my craft finally paid off.? I built up a huge body of work in the USA despite all odds, and have now managed to begin to produce my own work, which I am very proud of.

How did you get started in your career? Well I started modeling at a very young age with a Pampers commercial as a baby, and numerous UK national print campaigns as a child.

Then, once in high school, I auditioned for the high school plays and LOVED them. I started training as a dancer and in musical theatre in summer theatre schools from aged 13 and never looked back from there. I knew I was destined for a life in show business, as I didn?t feel at home anywhere else.

What gives you the most satisfaction in your work? Entertaining people! Making people smile and laugh and giving people the opportunity for escapism, even if for a brief moment. Whether it is a 10 minutes sketch, a 1-hour TV show or a three-hour play, as artists, you are performing to provide a release and enjoyment for people watching to escape the daily grind of life.

I also get enjoyment from completing a project I produce and star in. Knowing I gave my all into making it come together and feeling that satisfaction of working as hard as you can.

What motivates you in your work? The feeling I get of collaboration working with other actors, directors, costume designers, the whole team and the whole feeling of being on a set. When they say: ?That?s a wrap? I?m always sad, as I never want the day to end.

Personal work philosophy: ?Be like the duck? I speak about this in my upcoming documentary, ?Unsung Ingenues? which is being submitted to festivals. But my philosophy is always to ?be like the duck.? In that, a duck is always paddling so hard under the surface of the water but when you look at the duck it looks like it is gliding along effortlessly.? In reality it is working very VERY hard under the surface and maintaining grace and elegance on top. I aim to look like a duck and keep composure at all times even in this testing profession.


If you weren?t doing this what could you see yourself being?? Maybe a kindergarten school teacher or a dog trainer for movies with my own ranch! I always wanted to be a translator on the Eurovision song contest. I love learning new languages.

What are you working on right now? I am currently working on a short film, a farcical comedy, set in 1760 called ?Peaches and Tea? that I am producing and starring in. And I just started training at the Groundlings School in LA for improvisation to sharpen my comedy skills.

What do you first notice about a guy? His taste in shoes, if he has kind eyes and if he is a gentleman/ his manners!

Lara Clear3What gets you interested? His sense of humour. Kindness. If he is fun and if we get on easily.

What keeps you interested? Romance, fun impromptu dates, out of the blue surprises, thoughtfulness, maturity, loyalty.

Number one deal breaker? Lying.

Turn ons? Sense of humour, good hugs!

Turn offs? Arrogance and ignorance.

What?s your secret to stay in shape? I don?t really have a strict diet, I believe in ?everything in moderation?. I am a vegetarian. I try not to eat much bread as I notice a big difference when I have too much bread. I eat a lot of vegetables!! Oh –but I?m a sucker for French fries ? they are my downfall!


What fitness plan do you follow? I don?t follow a strict plan but I generally do a work out class 5/6 times per week. I mix up my schedule with Pilates, Trx , Bari and Yoga classes as well as hiking and dance class, so a bit of everything. Definitely classes?though as I have no motivation to make myself do crunches and push ups alone in a gym! In the summer I also love to play tennis. And in the winter I love to Ski! I recently had a torn Achilles and was out for 6 months and I can say that I missed working out thoroughly; it?s a major part of my life.

Favorite work out tip? Do burpees and push-ups daily. Even though they are killer, you will see a difference within a week. (I should take my own advice!)

What?s next project? To see Peaches and Tea successfully accepted into film festivals globally and to start writing my own screenplay.

Favourite recipe? I am currently addicted to baking bread and giving them to people as gifts! Namely sourdough!

iPhone or Android? I?ve had both but can safely say I?m an iPhone girl!

One thing guys should know when talking to beautiful woman? Don?t tell them how much money you earn and how amazing your job/lifestyle is, to try and impress them within the first two minutes ? it?s such a turn off. Just?don?t be a douche!

Lara Clear4About me? I love Musical theatre — I sing show tunes all day long in my car! I love 50s style music, pin up looks and rockabilly music ? Cigar store Indians played at my birthday party and I loveeee them! I am a major soccer fan! Arsenal is my team and I wake up 4 am LA time just to watch games. I love horses and grew up with two horses named Steptoe and Bert. I love dogs and I do volunteer work for animal rescue shelters. As a child I was the biggest Tom Boy ever and always had so many bruises for the make up artists to cover up when I was on set being a model! Talk about double life!


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