Women We Love: Amanda Costa

When you first see Amanda Costa, it’s hard to escape her allure. She’s got a classic Latin beauty with a fire that simmers just below the surface. Although her photos often seem calm and serene; even lost in distant thought; the reality is Amanda is charged with energy. She has to be. Between producing and starring in her own web series, working as a promotional model, and even finding time to tend bar, she has one of the busiest schedules I’ve seen. And it all goes to her basic philosophy of work: giving 100% of herself to each task–a lesson we could all stand to be reminded of from time to time.

Name: Amanda Costa

Occupation: Jill Of All Trades: Freelance Model/ Actress, Promotional Model, Bartender

Education: BA Creative Arts & Cultural Expression

Stats: A. Ambitious M. Mighty A. Awesome N. Nice D. Dangerous A. Addictive

How did you get started on your current career track?

I always dreamed of having my name in lights and entertaining people! At the age of 16 I asked my mom if I could enter into a local talent competition held at Blue Mountain sponsored by Rock 95! It was a Modeling & Talent competition and I placed first overall! It gave me that boost of confidence I needed for having a stage?presence.? Since then I just worked my own name around and have gotten the chance to work with some amazing people.

What gives you the most satisfaction as an artist?

I love WOWING people and truly inspiring them! I mean, that’s all you can ask for as an artist is that people love you for what you do and what you love to do!

What motivates or inspires you in your work?

My motivation always comes from all the can’ts?I’ve?heard in my life! It just pushes me to work harder and to work on whatever needs to be worked on! And to be honest,?I can’t pinpoint one thing that inspires me because so many things do; from my mom, to everyday life, to flipping through a magazine , to watching YouTube or worldstarhiphop!

“Life is the biggest inspiration one can have!”

Do you have a personal work philosophy?

Go into everything giving it 100% ME! I’m not trying to be anyone but myself. So just remembering to be me, smile and breathe and the rest will follow the way it’s supposed to!?Opportunities?come at certain times in your life for a reason and you just have to remember to be yourself when they are brought upon you!

If you weren’t doing this, what could you see yourself doing?

If I wasn’t doing this I would?probably?be trying to start a glee club in my old high school or start my own professional organizing company (I have OCD).

What are you working on right now?

Right now I am working on the second Holiday Edition of my web series “Life in T.O.” and touring with Champagne Showgirls in Toronto.

What do you first notice about a guy?

His Swagger: How does he portray himself in the limelight? First impressions are BIG!

What gets you interested?

Someone who is willing to get to know me, for all my glory and all my faults! No one is?perfect and sometimes we forget that.

What keeps you interested?

Someone who cares as much about family as I do. There are things we should not take for granted and family?is one of them.

What’s your number one deal breaker (either on first meeting or in a relationship)?

Family. If it’s not in your future then you ain’t for me! I want to be a mommy some day!


Sexy scent, cute smile and someone who isn’t afraid to be a kid with me!

To stay in shape, what’s your basic diet look like?

My diet was “eat whatever I want and pray” [laughs] but my prayers must not have been heard lately!

What sort of fitness plan, if any, do you follow?

I try to keep my fitness plans fresh and try all sorts of things but always do?an hour of Yoga a day! Its just great for your whole body and mind!

Favourite workout tip: If you’re not dripping in sweat you didn’t work hard enough!

iPhone or Android: BB Torch! I KNOW AH! Someone get me an iPhone 5, STAT!

What are you driving: Honda Civic. Shes my Black Beauty!!

One thing guys should know when talking to a beautiful woman: Though you may glance at her gorgeous boobs, remember: eye contact!

Absolute WORST experience on set/shoot: Being asked to take off my pants to improve the shot when shooting head shots. Awkward!

One quirky thing about you that never turns up in interviews: Who would I most want to be interviewed by? Ellen & Jimmy Fallon!

Twitter: @MsAmandaCosta

Youtube: www.youtube.com/AmandaCostaTV

Model Mayhem: http://www.modelmayhem.com/843014

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=48909213