Women We Love: Chlo? Bellande

Screenwriter and Montr?al Times?columnist?Chlo? Bellande got her BA in Arts and Modern Languages from Concordia University, and took some intensive screenwriting workshops with script consultants from Los Angeles, California. Since 2008, she self-produced two feature films, “Battle of Souls” and “While the Village Sleeps,” both award-winners and screened at the most prestigious film festivals, such as the Hollywood Discovery Awards and the Cannes Film Festival. Her recent work is a short crime drama, “Will Of Fortune” which premiered at the 67th Cannes Film Festival (Short Film Corner), and received 3 screenplay nominations from Hollywood contests in 2014.

Name: Chlo? Bellande

Occupation: Freelance writer, Film director and producer.

Education: BA of Arts & Modern Languages, Concordia University

How do you quantify your awesomeness? Since 2008, I have won several screenplay nominations from Hollywood contests, and my 1st award was in 2012, as I won BEST INTERNATIONAL SCREENPLAY at the Rhode Island International Film Festival, an Oscar-qualifying prestigious festival. I was also nominated for BEST MOVIE TRAILER at the 16th Hollywood Discovery Awards, and lots to Hugh Jackman?s “Les Mis?rables.”

_M5A1271How did you get started on your current career track?

I was rejected by the Film production program at Concordia University 4 years in a row, which forced me to learn the hard way and become a successful self-thought filmmaker. In 2008, I wrote and produced my 1st feature film on a $2000 budget, “Battle of Souls.” That same year, it won BEST FEATURE FILM (THRILLER) at the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival, at their West Hollywood screenings. I never stopped writing and producing every since.

What gives you the most satisfaction in your work / as an artist?

Winning awards and nominations. HOWEVER, I would say that I am mostly satisfied on the day that I finish and screen a movie, because it is such a long process and I love when I get to the part when I can finally see the fruits of my hard work.

What motivates or inspires you in your work?

Reading about A-list filmmakers who went from zero to Hollywood is what really motivates me as a filmmaker. I?m often inspired by real-life stories of people around me, their courage, their faith and sometimes their evil side inspire my characters development.

Do you have a personal work philosophy?

Threat every project as if it was a million dollar movie and give your 200%. You never know which project could be your big break, and there is nothing worse then having regrets, when realizing that you could have done better.

_M5A1255What are you working on right now?

Right now?I’m?still working on the promotion and distribution of Will Of Fortune, which is my latest short film, as it is in the festival circuit. Also, I am working on my next 2?screenplays which I want to produce in 2015, and some new collaborations with established writers in Canada and the US. I also write for Montr?al Times. Mostly for films, entertainment and events in the Montr?al community.

What do you first notice about a guy?

His overall looks.

What gets you interested?

A witty pick up line.

What keeps you interested?

His continuous creativity and being spontaneous.

What’s your number one deal breaker (either on first meeting or in a relationship)?

Jealousy! I’m in a business that is mostly run by men, and chances are that I?d be surrounded by lots of men. If my boyfriend has a lack of self-confidence and acts on jealousy, it’s over.

Turn-ons: Expressive eyes, deep and comforting voice, muscles and tattoos, and an interest in movies.

Turn-offs: No sense of humor (cold), cheap, rudeness.

To stay in shape, what’s your basic diet look like?

None! I eat 3 times a day and I avoid drinking alcohol or coffee more than once a day or the equivalent. But I mostly eat whatever I want and pray that it won?t make me fat!

What sort of fitness plan, if any, do you follow?

I did some pretty intensive pole fitness classes last year, and it built my arm muscles. Now, I just do cardio and Zumba to maintain my shape.

Will Of Fortune (2014) – Teaser from Chloe Bellande on Vimeo.

What’s next for you? What’s your next big idea or project?

I?m aiming for the US, doing the same as I do here, with the hopes to conquer Hollywood, one screenplay at a time! I?m already cooking a good story with A-listers names attached, but I?d rather keep it on the down-low and not jinx it?.shhh!!!

IMG_0332_filterFavourite workout tip: If your body isn’t sore the next day, it?s because you were doing it wrong.

iPhone or Android: Android

What are you driving: Honda Civic

One thing guys should know when talking to a beautiful woman: Listen and let her talk. She?s probably heard it all.

Absolute WORST experience on set/shoot:

My worst experience on set was on Will Of Fortune, when we shot the 2nd and last weekend in Brooklyn, on a snow storm day. That weekend, I couldn?t make it in NYC because of some US border delay, so I asked my producers Dawid and Joshua to run the show without me, and I directed from Skype. Dawid was holding his cellphone, pointing it at the scene, while I was sitting home in Montreal, calling the shots. Pretty intense day?even though the Wi-Fi connection went on and off the whole time, but we managed to finish the movie, thanks to my NYC troopers!

_M5A1266Chlo? Bellande Online: http://www.blueinfinityfilms.com

Chlo? Bellande on IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3934777/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

Chlo? Bellande on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chloe_Bellande