Women We Love: Marie Lanza

Marie Lanza began working as a radio producer in 2004 on XM’s Playboy Radio Channel. In 2006 the station moved to Sirius and expanded with many more hours of live programming and Marie’s responsibilities grew with it. Over the years Marie has produced shows currently airing (and no longer on air) like Afternoon Advice, now known as the Tiffany Granath Show, Night Calls, The Playmate Hour, The Morning After, Mansion Mayhem, Rock Star Porn Star, In Bed, Happy Hour and various Specials. She worked on the overwhelming majority of shows that the station aired since its inception. Marie has produced remote shows in Hawaii, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Vegas, Reno and The Playboy Mansion. Marie is most humbled to have had the honor to visit and broadcast from Fort Irwin for the Troops. She’s been featured on A&E’s Gene Simmons Family Jewels, BRAVO’s Orange County Housewives, PBTV and in March 2012 was named Industry Woman of the Month in XBIZ Magazine.

Currently, Marie can be heard on her show The DiRT, available on ErrorFM, iTunes and other various outlets, discussing news, gossip and whatever is on her mind.

Name: Marie Lanza

Occupation: Author, Radio Producer & Personality

Education: Bachelor?s Degree in Film & Television Production

Stats:?I can bench press my own weight.

How did you get started on your current career track?

When it comes to my writing I blame my parents, they never put limits on any of their children?s creativity. Instead, they were always pushing us to follow our dreams and to do what makes us happy.? Therefore,?I’ve always been creating as long as I can remember.

I never thought about working in radio until my first radio job was presented to me. It really just fell in my lap. I was in my last year of college and started out as a Segment Producer to Producer now Executive Producer. Over the years I also became more of an on air presence until this year I began hosting my own show. 10 years later and still loving every minute.

What gives you the most satisfaction as an artist?

dirtposter_itunesThe ability to express myself freely when writing or being on air.?Seeing the final product of something is always exciting.

I also love getting to interact with people I may never otherwise meet around the world and learning about their lives. I feel like we?re this extended family and great friends who sit around just chatting and sharing with one another.

What motivates or inspires you in your work?

My family keeps me motivated. A great movie or book that leaves an impression on me for days is my go to when I need a quick fix of inspiration. But mostly, this world and everything in it inspires me. I?m always reading the news, I love to people watch and yes I listen to other?s conversations. I find it all very fascinating.

Do you have a personal work philosophy?

Marie LanzaNever make excuses, always be a team player, work hard and most important, love what you do!

If you weren’t doing this, what could you see yourself doing?

So much! Working with animals, kids, work with the Red Cross to help others in disaster areas.

What are you working on right now?

I?m always writing a story and coming up with content for my radio show.

?I feel like I?m writing my Match.com profile all over again! Ha Ha

What do you first notice about a guy?

Marie LanzaPersonality. Confidence but not cocky.

What gets you interested?

Finding out what we have in common. I stay very active, so someone who has that same lifestyle.

What keeps you interested?

Good communication, friendship, having the same interests and always able to laugh with each other. Also, a man who knows what he wants and goes after it; doesn?t just talk about it.

What’s your number one deal breaker (either on first meeting or in a relationship)?

When dating, guys who play games. It really shows an immaturity.?In a relationship, a man who can?t make a decisions, especially about solid life goals.

Marie LanzaTurn-ons: Intelligence, Nerdy guys 😉

Turn-offs: Earth worms.

To stay in shape, what’s your basic diet look like?

I eat whatever I want. Everything in moderation.

What sort of fitness plan, if any, do you follow?

It depends on what I?m training for but I?m doing something at least 5 times a week. I do triathlons and run a lot — so I?m swimming, cycling or running; sometimes all three. I just got a mountain bike this summer so it?s been fun riding in the dirt to change things up!

What’s next for you? What’s your next big idea or project?

Getting ready for the release of my novel Fractured: Outbreak ZOM-813 and then on to the next chapters of my story The Colony. Part one was released in September.

Favourite workout tip: It?s not mine, it?s my twin sister’s but I?ll use it anyway…. Step out of your comfort zone! I have to remind myself of this every day or she reminds me.

Favourite recipe: I?m a Louisiana girl so any of my recipes from back home are winners!

iPhone or Android:?Android!

What are you driving: a Toyota who goes by Yoda…?we’ve?been together a long time. The force is strong with it.

One thing guys should know when talking to a beautiful woman:?Leave the silly one liners to the little boys, real men don?t need those. Have a normal conversation, everything else will come naturally.

Marie LanzaAbsolute WORST experience on set/shoot: There?s always something that can go wrong during a live broadcast, but at the end of the day, shit happens.

One quirky thing about you that never turns up in interviews:?There?s only one way to eat a cupcake…. Take the bottom off and put it on top to make a sandwich. You now have yummy cupcake sandwich and the icing is dispersed evenly. 😉

Marie Lanza Online: http://www.marielanza.com

Marie Lanza on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ProducerMarie