Women We Love: Veronika London

“Women We Love” is a new feature where we explore the strong personalities and personal power behind the beautiful women we see. Our goal is to get at what makes beautiful women tick, and that includes not only tapping their advice on relationships and dating, but also thinking about what drives them in their work and professional lives.

We’re thrilled to launch this feature with an exclusive interview with Canadian actress Veronika London. While anxiously awaiting the premiere of her new feature film and hopping back and forth over the Atlantic, this energetic and erudite lady was able to grace us with a few minutes to give us a glimpse into her amazing career.

Name: Veronika London
Occupation: Actress
Education: University: Marketing ( finishing up), Pro-Actors Lab: Acting
Highlights: International Maxim model, starring roles in Showtime?s American TV Series ?Body Language? and the gritty feature film ?Searching for Angels? alongside Vivica A. Fox.

How did you get started on your current career track?

I originally wanted to be a publicist in the entertainment or fashion industry. I have a huge passion for sales and promoting. My love for acting started in 2008 after shooting promotional pictures for the edgy rock band ?The Ending? who had just signed with Universal. After the shoot I was tracked down and asked if I wanted to be the lead in their debut music video.  I shot the music video and everything just snowballed after.  That was my last ?generic? modeling gig and my acting career started. (Check out the video HERE)

I don?t consider myself a model. I never really did. I think it?s such a strange job to get paid to play dress up and just stand there and have your picture taken. I am a very intense, in-depth, conflicted person. I am definitely an actress all the way. 

Of modeling and acting, which gives you more satisfaction as an artist and what is your take on it?

Both ?jobs? feed different things in terms of personal satisfaction. With ?modeling? I like being the Creative Director or working with the CD of the shoot to execute images that are congruent with the brand that is being sold. Acting is my therapy. I get satisfaction with being able to exploit my personal experiences and feelings in a positive way through characters. It?s almost become my salvation. In the end, truthful expression through the image via print or film is my greatest joy. 

What motivates or inspires you in your work?

Competition, love, living life outside my comfort zone and to its fullest motivates me. Brand creators like Lady Gaga and Victoria Beckham inspire me in addition to watching mind blowing, amazing performances on film or in theatre productions.

Do you have a personal work philosophy?

Yes: ?What the mind can conceive, it can be achieved?. 

I am a very visual person. I look at my ?wall of fame? everyday, twice a day. 

I am an intense workaholic, always have been. I remember I was the kid that would ask my teacher for homework in grade one despite having dance and drama class after school because I needed to have something to do all the time.  It?s just one of my natural traits. 

If you weren’t doing this, what could you see yourself doing?

I would love to be a lawyer. I love presenting, persuading, research and selling. 

What are you working on right now?

I just received the script for a horror feature Canadian film called ?SICK? that I will be shooting this fall. In addition, I will be shooting another Canadian feature film; more ?Sin City? style; called ?Lady of the Night? later this month. 

You’ve been hailed as something of a “scream queen” for your work in horror, and of course we know there’s been a lot of style comparison between you and Megan Fox. But “Searching for Angels” is an important departure for you in terms of flexing your dramatic muscles. How does this sort of change in gears feel to you personally, knowing that this film is being hailed by critics as an artistic challenge for you; that many are seeing it as your first “serious” role?  

My role in ?Searching for Angels? is more like me. Playing the role wasn’t hard, but becoming aware of how similar I was and am like the character was a challenge. I had to open a lot of personal vaults that I had thrown the key out for in order to bring the character to life in full dimension. By nature I am a more intense, edgier person than a bubbly one. I am grateful that my career has steered towards roles that allow me to be more authentic.  

Given your “natural NYC street edge,” how natural was Angel for you? 

Lol! I am her; she is me?in certain ways?

Being method trained, did you discover anything about yourself in developing this character?

Yes…I went pretty far to experience the real deal to bring it to life. I?ve got a lot more balls than I thought. 

Can we expect more of this kind of dramatic lead role from you in the near future?

Yes, these types of roles are my focus. It is currently in development. 

Note: “Jane Doe” was the original working title of “Searching for Angels.” Ed.

What do you first notice about a guy?
His eyes or tattoos

What gets you interested?
Personality or motorcycles. If you?re a rock star you are automatically on my radar. 
What keeps you interested?
Besides mind-blowing sex, someone business smart, street smart, open, positive and edgy.
What’s your number one deal breaker?

Turn-ons: Colin Farrell, Clive Owen. In addition: confidence, cologne, deep voice, tattoos, physically fit, driven. 

Turn-offs: Laziness and complainers

To stay in shape, what’s your basic diet look like?

I used to be all about low carb but that just lead to binges. Now I just eat whatever but I box six days a week for about an hour and half or so.

What sort of fitness plan, if any, do you follow?

I?m at the gym six days a week for about 1.5 hours. 30 minutes cardio (skipping), 45 minutes boxing, and 15-30 minutes abs, legs, etc.

Favourite workout tip: Choose a sport you like!

Favorite recipe: I don?t cook anymore so I?m not familiar with a specific recipe.
iPhone or Android: iPhone
One thing guys should know when talking to a beautiful woman: Be authentic!
Absolute WORST experience on set/shoot: Shooting a horror film, the tube that was attached to the side of my mouth was displaced when I went down to bite the other character while shooting. The blood that squirted out all went up my nose.  This was worse than shooting in a tank top during -40 degree weather.

My office is filled with biographies and marketing books. I can read them non-stop. I like to study the bios and learn what drives them to become legends.


2010 ? premi?re vue (short) (completed)
2010 Black Eve
2010 Body Language (TV series)
Luz / Dancer
? Fight Girls (2010) ? Luz
? Fresh Meat (2010) ? Luz
? Stripper Logic (2010) ? Luz
? Russian Roulette (2010) ? Dancer
? Stormy Weather (2010) ? Luz
2010 The Elusive Man (short)
Senorita Peligro
2009 Love Kills (short)
2009 Lingerie (TV series)
? Rags to Riches (2009) ? Cindy
? Model Girlfriends (2009) ? Cindy
? Picture Perfect (2009) ? Cindy
2009 Stripped! (short)
2009 Love Court (TV series)
2007 American Pie Presents Beta House (video)
Miss Mexico Beauty Pageant Contestant

Behind the scenes on “Searching for Angels”: