xkcd: Pickup Artist

I love the comics at xkcd. From a neo-geek cool perspective, nobody hits the jokes right on the head every time the way artist Randall Munroe does. Clearly someone with a science and software background, he hits on just about every nuance of the high-tech and high-mind personality, allowing a unique balance of whimsical observation and modestly acerbic sarcasm.

This comic, published earlier this month (March 9th, to be exact), takes PUA theory down a peg. Purists might argue that the girl in the strip isn’t worth the PUA’s time, because she’s being “difficult” or “bitchy.” I’d argue that any woman smart enough to see through the obvious sophomoric approach known as “negging” is definitely worth getting to know.

Oh, if only Janeane Garofalo were built like Gisele Bundchen. Ah well…

The point is, for serious men interested in serious relationships, you can’t use the same approach you’d use to knock down college girls at a club. It takes a bit more skill to leverage attraction, and the difference between flat out negging and a little lighthearted teasing can make all the difference in the world. Crossing the line into insulting just turns you into a lonely Kimberly-Clark investor (that’s the company that makes Kleenex, in case you don’t get the joke).

Next time, I’ll go into more detail on the difference between negging and doing things right, if you want to start a tease that will actually get you somewhere. For now, just try not to blow your whole work day reading the xkcd comics. It’ll be tough, but you can do it.



Image: Naypong / FreeDigitalPhotos.net